Wound Care

Wound Care

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We Treat wounds directly on the site of infection!

Ceftriaxone, Colistimethate, Flucytosine, Nitrofurantoin, Streptomycin, Tetracycline or Vancomycin. We help you match the correct drug with the bug that you are trying to treat!

Penetrating Wounds


• Puncture Wounds

• Surgical Wounds and Incisions

• Thermal, Chemical or Electric Burns

• Bites and Stings

• Gunshots Wounds, or Other High Velocity Projectiles that can penetrate the body.

Blunt Force Trauma

• Abrasions

• Lacerations

• Skin Tears

• Infected Wounds

Major Type of Closed Wounds Include

• Contusions

• Blisters

• Seroma

• Hematoma

• Crush Injuries

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