Dentistry Compounding

Dentistry Compounding

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How can compounding help my animal?

d from a young age. If you're exposed to good oral habits early on in life, it is easier to maintain good oral health.

Here at Your Health Pharmacy, we know that if you have good oral health, you have a good appetite — and with your good appetite comes good nourishment, and with good nourishment comes good health.

The importance of good oral health expands from just the physical. It also increases confidence and allows people to aspire and achieve more. This is the reason why it is highly necessary to take care of our teeth and our mouth and that includes seeing our dentists regularly.

A trip to the dentist can be frightening to most people. Whether you have a tooth or mouth problem or not, the thought of hearing the whirring of the drill or the feel of the dentist’s instrument in your mouth is not really the most comfortable position to be in. This is why most people are anxious on the way to their dental check-up, while some people will always find a reason not to show up.

Thankfully, compounded dental medications are already available to lessen the discomfort on the dental chair. With compounding, your dentist can already check how your oral health is doing without you being afraid of feeling pain. This way, he can well take his time knowing that you are alright where you are.

Since no two mouths are the same, compounding makes it possible for you to avail of the specific medication you need. Whether you are a seven-year-old kid or a seventy-year-old senior, your compounding pharmacist can prepare for the perfect oral medication for you.

The few things you can expect from compounded oral medications are the following:

  • medication form options such as topical gels if the patient has difficulty swallowing
  • topical anesthetics for those who cannot tolerate the needle
  • dental rinses and gels that suit your taste
  • medications and anesthetics in the form of a lollipop for kids

Talk to one of the pharmacists at Your Health Pharmacy, and let us help you maintain good oral health through compounded dental medications. We are available every day in our pharmacy from opening to closing hour. Call us at 954-283-7075 today, and learning more about safe compounding medication services in Pompano Beach, Florida.

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