Why some women experience PCOS


Understanding PCOS: Facts, Causes, and Treatment Options

There is no known cause why some women have PCOS. Some research and studies showed that if mothers experience polycystic ovaries syndrome, their daughters are likely to experience the same. Women who initially don’t have PCOS are noted to have developed it when they experience weight gain or obesity. It works both ways, PCOs can also result in weight gain and obesity.

Common treatments for PCOS

Treatments for PCOS depends on what women want to achieve. If the goal is to get pregnant, then the treatment is geared towards conceiving, like the use of fertility pills. A balanced diet and regular exercise are also proven to correct hormonal imbalance, therefore, curing polycystic ovaries.

Hormonal pills are the most effective treatment for the symptoms of PCOS. It does not just treat PCOS, it can also help in lowering the chances of having endometrial carcinoma. Metformin is commonly used in type 2 diabetes but it can also help in preventing obesity plus it makes women more fertile.

Physicians can prescribe a wide variety of medications to address the symptoms of polycystic ovaries but for convenience and practicality, they can also prescribe compound drugs. These are drugs that are chemically combined, altered, and packed by pharmacies. A compound drug can be a combination of 2 or more drugs.

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