The Power of Collaborating with a Functional Pharmacist


Topical Treatments for Eczema and Psoriasis


Eczema and psoriasis are chronic skin conditions that can significantly impact one's quality of life. While traditional treatments are commonly prescribed, exploring alternative therapies can provide additional relief. Topical treatments, combined with collaborative protocols involving functional pharmacists and your doctor, have shown promising results for individuals seeking symptom relief. In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of topical treatments for eczema and psoriasis, and highlight the advantages of working with a functional pharmacist in developing out-of-the-box therapy plans. By understanding the science behind these treatments and exploring the collaborative approach, we aim to dispel skepticism surrounding compounding pharmacists and provide hope for effective management of eczema and psoriasis.

Understanding Topical Treatments for Eczema and Psoriasis:

Topical treatments involve the direct application of medications or creams to the affected areas of the skin in order to manage symptoms. These treatments play a crucial role in alleviating inflammation, reducing itchiness, and promoting healing. Common topical treatments for eczema and psoriasis include corticosteroids, moisturizers, immunomodulators, and specialized compounded formulations.

The Benefits of Topical Treatments:

  1. Reducing Inflammation: Topical treatments target the inflammatory response associated with eczema and psoriasis, helping to soothe the skin, reduce redness, and alleviate itching. They work by suppressing the immune response and reducing the release of inflammatory substances.
  2. Alleviating Itching and Discomfort: Eczema and psoriasis are often characterized by intense itching and discomfort. Topical treatments, including anti-itch ingredients and soothing agents, can provide much-needed relief, reducing the urge to scratch and further damage the skin.
  3. Promoting Healing and Skin Restoration: Topical treatments support the healing process and promote skin restoration. They help restore the skin barrier, improve hydration, and protect against external triggers, leading to reduced flare-ups and improved overall skin health.

The Role of Functional Pharmacists in Collaborative Protocols:

Collaborating with a functional pharmacist can be instrumental in developing personalized protocols for eczema and psoriasis therapy. Here's why it can make a difference:

  1. Expertise in Compounding: Functional pharmacists possess the knowledge and skills to compound customized medications tailored to individual needs. They can create personalized formulations without potential allergens or irritants, optimizing the treatment plan for each patient.
  2. Individualized Assessments and Treatment Plans: Functional pharmacists take a holistic approach, working closely with patients and their healthcare providers to understand their unique triggers, underlying factors, and treatment goals. This individualized assessment allows for tailored treatment plans that address specific concerns and sensitivities.
  3. Customized Formulations: Functional pharmacists have the flexibility to develop innovative formulations beyond traditional treatments. They can incorporate specialized ingredients, alternative delivery methods, or combination therapies to enhance efficacy and reduce side effects, providing unique solutions for patients.

Success Stories with Collaborative Therapy:

Many individuals have experienced positive outcomes through collaborative protocols involving functional pharmacists:

  1. Improved Symptom Relief: Patients have reported reduced inflammation, decreased itching, and overall symptom relief with personalized compounded topical treatments.
  2. Enhanced Quality of Life: Collaborative therapy has led to improved skin appearance, increased self-confidence, and better management of flare-ups, contributing to an overall improved quality of life.
  3. Tailored Approach for Individual Needs: Patients appreciate the personalized attention and tailored treatment options provided by functional pharmacists. This collaborative approach has resulted in optimized therapy plans, improved compliance, and increased overall satisfaction.


Topical treatments play a crucial role in managing symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, providing relief from inflammation, itchiness, and promoting skin healing. Collaborating with a functional pharmacist as part of a comprehensive therapy plan offers innovative and personalized solutions. Functional pharmacists' expertise in compounding medications, individualized assessments, and customized formulations empowers patients to explore out-of-the-box approaches for effective symptom relief. It is important to consult with your healthcare provider and engage in a collaborative approach involving a functional pharmacist to develop a tailored treatment plan. By embracing this collaborative model, individuals can find hope and experience improved management of eczema and psoriasis.

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