NasoNeb Tutorial

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Directions for Use (Note: Please begin to administer treatment within 5 minutes of mixing)

  • If Using Sterile Saline Diluent Vials: Place up to 1 full vial into the mixing container – the Pharmacist will advise during counsel on the appropriate volume
  • If Using Prescription Liquid Vials: Empty prescribed number of vials into the mixing container
  • Open prescribed number of capsules (twist open) and place the entire contents into the mixing container using the plastic funnel if needed
  • Screw on the lid of the mixing container tightly and shake gently to dissolve
  • Pour the mixed contents into the nebulizer (medicine) cup
  • Please begin to administer your treatment within five minutes of mixing the medication (discard any remaining medication after 20 minutes)
  • Position the Nasal Nebulizer cup under your nostril. Tilt your head downward approximately 30-40 degrees while positioning the nozzle of the insert under your nostril, with the edge of the cup near your lips (Do not turn on the compressor until the NasoNeb® is positioned under your nose)
  • Hold the Nasal Nebulizer close to vertical and aim it toward the front of your nose. Breathe through both your nose and mouth. (The air blowing into your nose needs to exit out of the back of your throat in order to carry the mist into your nose)
  • Turn the Compressor on
  • A plume of aerosol will enter your nasal cavity; you may feel a gentle flow of air coming back out of your mouth. If you do not feel this, allow the air passage at the back of your throat to open. Relax your face and jaw while breathing simultaneously through your nose and mouth. Rotate your head so that the Nasal Nebulizer is pointing toward the back of your head until you feel the mist entering your nasal cavity