Fight PMS, the Natural Way


A Scientific Guide to Managing PMS Naturally

Getting our menstrual period every month is an indication of good health. A regular menstrual cycle aids women in planning for and making choices about our health, mood, and physical exercise. It is also the best way to know whether you are pregnant or not.

Nonetheless, every woman could attest how inconvenient and uncomfortable it could be during the days we bleed. Surely, there are many things women hate about our period. For one, it is too difficult to move around. It is also hard to dress up and pick pretty dresses whenever we have period. And to make things worse, most of us suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS.

According to the website of Florida Hospital (www.florid‌ahospital.‌com/premen‌strual-syn‌drome/statistics), almost 85% of American women experience premenstrual syndrome in the childbearing years. It has also been discovered that PMS can get even worse as we age and approach menopause. But we can do something about PMS. We can fight and get rid of this syndrome- the natural way.

  • Get Away from Stress. Stress does not cause PMS. It triggers the condition. When a woman exposes herself to stress at least two weeks before her scheduled period, one may experience PMS during her cycle. Hence, for PMS to not get in our daily activities, we have to reduce stress in our lives. Read novels to rest your mind. Listen to music to relax. Try and meditate in yoga studio.
  • Support your Gallbladder. PMS is caused by hormonal imbalance- our estrogen levels increase and our progesterone levels decrease in an abnormal manner. Since our gallbladder plays an important role in our hormone health, improving the performance of our gallbladder could be the key in fighting PMS. The gallbladder stores bile where hormones are synthesized and transported from the liver. The bile does not stay too long in the gallbladder because it breaks down into fat and is excreted out from the body in many ways. In effect, if the gallbladder does not work well, hormones like the old estrogen will not be synthesized properly. Thus, PMS could likely result. We should drink more liquids, lose weight, use lemon and eat bile-healthy foods to improve our gallbladder’s health.
  • Take Supplements. With the advice of our doctor and help from pharmacists in a specialty pharmacy in Florida, we can take supplements to help lessen PMS. Among the supplements which can help ease PMS from Your Health Pharmacy in Pompano Beach Florida include: B Vitamins, Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium, Evening Primrose oil, Chasteberry, and Omega-3s.

Before purchasing any supplement in a pharmacy, make sure that you are getting it only from a safe compounding medication service in Pompano Beach Florida. Yes, we can fight PMS. It is possible to live a life without it.

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