Drug Compounding: A Solution to Decreased Medication Compliance


Exploring the Power of Drug Compounding for Better Compliance

People miss their medications for a number of reasons.

Whatever that reason may be, drug compounding offers numerous solutions. It’s a more practical choice than anything else and here are why:

  • It can provide an option to phased out medication. Year after year, the medicine sold in the market are being replaced by newer formulations. For some people, switching their prescription can be a difficult process. This causes them to stop their medication ultimately and that’s bad for their health. If you ever find your medication no longer available in the market, don’t worry. You can have them made specifically for you with the help of compounding.
  • It can make medicine more tolerable to swallow. Other times, people skip their medication because they dislike the taste of it. And it’s not just pets and children who have this problem. Even some adults are guilty of this too. Luckily for you, drug compounding exists. It can add flavoring to the medication so that it goes down easily.
  • It can remove components in medication that triggers an allergy. Having a drug allergy limits your options for treatment. You’d be lucky to find an alternative in the market which you aren’t allergic to. Thankfully, you can have medication customized for your needs with drug compounding. Your medication can be made without whatever it is you are allergic to!
  • It can replace multiple pills. If you’re prescribed with a number of pills, there’s a great chance you will forget taking all of them. And let’s be honest, gulping down a handful of pills can easily be a choking hazard. Don’t you agree? But if you have your medication compounded, you will only need to take a single pill!
  • It can adjust the drug dosage. The dosage prescribed to you by your doctor is affected by several factors including your age, weight, gender, etc. However, the medications released to the market are only available in limited denominations. It’s hard to get a pill that truly meets your body’s needs. That’s why you should have your medication compounded instead, so you can benefit from the right dosage suited to you.
  • It can change the form of the drug. The majority of medications available in the market are either in pill or tablet form. While this may be convenient for the most of us, it poses a problem for those with swallowing difficulties. Drug compounding eases their troubles by converting tablets or pills into syrups for easier administration.
  • It can be readily prepared. Not all medication is readily available in pharmacies and drugstores. You’d have to scour the rest of the neighborhood or travel to the next city just to obtain it. But with compounding services in Florida, from Your Health Pharmacy, you don’t have to. We can create the drug you need, right here.

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